Mini Workshop on Design for High Availability

Dec 1 + 2, 2005

Transparencies of the Talks

Summary (written by Ferdi Willeke)

Since a number of years we are organizing at DESY a yearly seminar for accelerator physicists, engineers and operations staff to discuss the operations of our accelerators, improvement programs and new developments. Similar meetings are organized by CERN and BNL and maybe other places.

In view of the upcoming new projects which should profit as much as possible from the experience made at the existing facilities, this year, we would like to integrate a 2-day mini workshop "Design for High Availability" to discuss what we learned from HERA and other large accelerator facilities (SPS, LEP, TEVATRON, RHIC, SLC, B_FACTORIES ... ) which could be relvant for the design choices of the new, challenging acclerator projects (XRFEL, ILC, ...) in order to optimize the triangle cost- performance-availability with a particular attention paid to availability considerations.

While a certain carry-over of experience on single components used to be more or less automatic in the old days, (done by the same people who are responsible for the old componenents) this is not necessarily true for the latest generation of accelerators which have been designed and commissioned a long time ago. The global experience (how did critical design choices turn out in the end? )is not available automatically, unless there is a special effort to assess these issues.

A recent discussion of HERA experience in the context of the XRFEL design turned out to be quite interresting and (hopefully) fruitful so that it appears to be promising to extend this to a bigger circle of large existing facilities on one hand and on further future facilities such as the ILC.

The mini workshop will take place from
   December 1 - December 2, 2005
at the hotel CARAT
at Grömitz (located at the Baltic Sea).

Travel information:
Attendees from outside will be taken to Grömitz by minibus. The bus will leave DESY in the afternoon on Wednesday, November 30.

Meeting point: 2:00 pm in front of building 9 (DESY canteen)

The departure from Grömitz back to DESY will be on Friday, December 2, in the late afternoon.
Total number of participants: ~65

Organizer: Ferdinand Willeke (DESY)

Hotel Carat - About Grömitz (in English)

The complete program (pdf file)

Program Overview
  Thursday, Dec 1 Friday, Dec 2
Morning (Session 1) Analysis of Existing
Component Design
Morning (Session 2) SLC, RHIC
Component Design
Afternoon (Session 1) X-Ray FEL, PETRA III
Design for High
Conclusions and
Afternoon (Session 2) Discussion of Global
Design Goals for High

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